Boris Vallejo - Fantasy Knife Collection - 12 Knives

Fantasy Knife Collection

by Boris Vallejo

12 Knife Set
This item is the Fantasy Knife Collection by Boris Vallejo and the Franklin Mint. These collector pocket knives with single blades and stones are produced by Knightstone and sold by Franklin Mint.

Each knife from the fantasy collection is unique and listed below:

- The Spirit of Ecstasy

- The Mistress of Fire

- The Goddess of Temptation

- The Siren of Rapture

- The Empress of Desire

- The Goddess of the Sun

- The Sorceress of the Universe

- The Empress of the Night

- The Mistress of Rain

- The Sorceress of Passion

- The Goddess of the Moon

- The Sorceress of the Waves

The whole collection is housed in a very sturdy black lined display case made specifically for the collection. The case can be wall mounted. The case has a large red stone/ crystal on the base, and an emblem on the top announcing the Boris Fantasy Collection. This collection is a unique high quality product.
This set and display was purchased from the Franklin Mint for more than $500.00.

All the Franklin Mint/ Knightstone Collection - Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell items I am listing came from a personal collection of long time family friend who sadly passed
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