Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator Effects Pedal

Hi, I am selling a Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator Pedal.

I have rarely used this as I mainly play electric and had no room for this on my pedal board.

It's a Great effect that transforms your electric guitar sound into an acoustic sound.

The mode knob enables you to select from 4 different sounds:

Standard for a normal acoustic guitar Jumbo for a bigger bodied jumbo guitar with more of a bass sound. Enhance for a more responsive, attacking sounding acoustic Piezo which simulates the sound of an acoustic with a pickup.

Level, Body and Top knobs enable you to adjust volume and EQ levels.

Here is a good demo of the sound options with the pedal. /watch?v=-kygvICsCjE

The unit may be powered from a 9v battery or an AC adapter (neither are included)

Thanks for looking and bidding