Boss DR-110 analog drum machine (ROLAND TR-606)

This is a classic unit that features six ALL-ANALOG sounds -- no samples here. This is basically one of the very last all-analog drum machines that Roland produced. Check out all the features here: /wiki/Boss_Doctor_Rhythm_DR-110
This particular unit comes with a case and the original manual. It is fully functional, though there are some minor issues. It powers up fine with batteries and can be programmed normally. However, the batteries sometimes lose contact with the unit (causing loss of power) if it is moved or if some of the buttons are pressed hard. I suspect that this could be fixed easily by cleaning and straightening the battery contacts. You can see from the image that it works fine; it just needs to be played on a level surface or it needs some attention. Also, the case has yellowed a bit from age. The unit itself is in very good condition for its age, though it shows a few scratches and dings, as you would expect from a unit from the 1980s. Aside from that, it's in very good overall condition. I have not tried this unit with a power supply.
Because of these minor issues, the unit is being sold as-is.
Thanks, and please ask any questions BEFORE purchasing. I ACCEPT PAYPAL ONLY AND WILL NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE USA .