BOSS HOG vintage T-shirt 1990 jon spencer christina

BOSS HOG vintage T-Shirt 1990 .

bought this at 9:30 Club show when they opened for Die Kreuzen. ... shirt is a bit GRUNGY.. but see below..

you can clean it if you want.

OKAY ... These shirts are the real deal. I bought them at shows

and wore them for years after. Some are not in GREAT shape

but they are all original and REAL PRODUCT from the day.

They have been sitting in storage and are NOT the cleanest

they could be. I won't clean them because I want the buyer

to be able launder the shirt as they see fit.

Most are XL and 100% cotton. PLEASE HAND WASH.

SOME OF THESE WERE DYED by me 20 years ago and

may still run. BUT GUARANTEED TO BE REAL!!!!

Shipping 5.00 USD in the USA. 7.00 to Canada.

12.00 to the world. WILL NOT SHIP TO ITALY...

too many problems.

If you have questions please feel free to email me.