Boss VF 1 - 24 bit multiple effects processor - AWESOME

I have a nice used BOSS VF-1 multi-effects processor (half rack). Great for live or recording. Tons of presets plus custom options. The item is used and has traveled but it's in good shape (normal wear). It works perfectly fine and will come with the unit itself along with the power cord and adapter. See details below from the manufacturer:
A High-Quality, Musical Effects Processor Many manufacturers can build boxes full of effects. But creating a compact and affordable multi-effects processor that's truly musical is a different story. The BOSS VF-1 draws upon the massive effects know-how of BOSS, Roland and COSM engineering to deliver great-sounding, supremely useful stereo effects for a wide range of professional and semi-professional applications. It starts with true 24-bit converters and 30-bit internal processing, then gives you 400 effects Patches ranging from guitar and bass multi-effects to COSM-based Guitar Amp Modeling, keyboard multi-effects, high-quality vocal effects, DJ/groove-oriented effects, extensive reverb, delay, and chorus processing derived from the acclaimed V-Studios, and even COSM-based Mic Modeling. Perfect for a Variety of Applications The VF-1's wide range of high-quality effects makes it perfect for project and home studios, keyboard rigs, guitar rigs, live sound, DJ/remix applications and more.
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