Boston Cigar Cutter Co Wood Cigar Cutter Needs Repair

Boston Cigar Cutter Company Bloodwood Cigar Cutter. This cutter was given to me as a "memento" when they remodeled the cigar bar (YES! I sold the cigars & you could Smoke them INSIDE while you played on the billiard tables!) many years ago. I know they only gave it to me because it was broken, but I was happy. I recently decided that I wanted to have it repaired and contacted the Boston Cigar Cutter Company. To buy one of these new, the price STARTS at $599. The only actual part that is BROKEN, is the base has separated from the top. The sides unscrew and that allowed me to take the pictures of the inside "guts". I will cut & paste the answers to my questions here. I realized that it doesn't mean enough to me to put out that kind of money for repair because I will never use it. I hate to see it continue to sit on the shelf. I thought I would offer it for sale to see if someone would care to have it repaired. Start price $5 no reserve. I would love to see it get a good home!
I have one of your cigar cutters that was given to me by the owner of the cigar bar where I used to work in Sedona, AZ.

It was given to me as a memento, but mainly because it does not work! I am hoping you can help answer my questions.

(1) CAN it be repaired? Yes.

(2) What does it need to be fixed? I will need to see the cutter
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