BOSTON Live Pic + FREE '76 Agora Ballroom Concert CD Brad Delp Tom Scholz RTZ

Hello- This item is a Concert photo of Boston snapped on their 'Don't Look Back' tour in 1979. As a FREE bonus you'll also receive a cd copy of 'More Than A Feeling' a live disc recorded in Cleveland at the famed Agora Ballroom in 1976 on their first tour. The set features tunes from the 1st & 2nd albums as well as unreleased material. This scarce boot is a must have for any big fan of Boston or 70's rock! Brad & the band sound GREAT on this recording! Please email me with any questions.

Songs: 1. Rock and Roll Band 2. Help Me (also called Shattered Images and never released) 3. Peace of Mind 4. Something About You 5. A Man I'll Never Be 6. Smokin' 7. Foreplay 8. Long Time 9. Don't Be Afraid 10. More Than A Feeling 11. Television Politician (unreleased)