RARE Boston Odell Vega Silver and Gold Trumpet

Thank you for taking a look at this item that I am offering for sale!

I have been playing Trumpet professionally for four decades… thus I certainly have longevity, as well as, deep experience with Trumpets. Yet after all these playing years and literally owning hundreds of horns, I can honestly say that no one is really an expert! Still… history, experience, and mileage count strongly for qualifications in any given subject. The reason I am sharing this information is to give you, a potential buyer, a higher level of confidence in any item that I am offering for sale. I have personally read countless eBay offerings from individuals who literally state they have no knowledge of the item they are selling? While I applaud their honesty, as a buyer I would really have no faith or trust in buying precision equipment from them. Their musical instruments are “pass through purchases”. They buy these “as-is items” at Estate, Auction, Rummage, and Flea Market sales…as well as scores of other less credible sources. Any item I am offering for sale, as well as the descriptions that surround them , are supported by my experience . If I discover an error as regards any description, I will certainly make the change immediately and not hide behind naivety. Having said all of this, here is the item which I am offering for sale in this listing.
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