Boston Red Sox Poker Set 500 pcs NEW 11.5 g chips

Boston Red Sox
500 piece 11.5 gram Dice Poker chip set Red and White chips and Red Dice

This Lockable case comes with all the chips and Accessories you need

These chips are the best quality and most popular available.
Bright, Sharp Colours, You will be very impressed with these chips
The clay composite material feels much like the chips that you will find in Vegas casinos (though not as rubbery feeling as some), with weight and texture that make them a pleasure to handle. The chips not only feel great to the touch, they also emit a sound of quality when you toss them into the pot or stack and shuffle them. They are perfectly weighted 11.5 g clay composite chips for that realistic feel. These chips will stand up to wear and will last a very long time. The chips are new and still sealed in their wrap. These chips do not look dull like many others, they are very bright and crisp and look great You wont find a better chip.
This set includes :
500 Single Dice Style 11.5 gram Poker chips:
250 White chips 250 Red chips
You may revise colours slightly if you have a combination that more suits your needs
Plus all these Great Extra items :
1 Heavy Duty 500 count Aluminum chip case with Rounded corners
(We have been getting great reviews about how sturdy, tough and great looking
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