Botcon 2007 Games of Deception Boxset, All Exclusives!

Botcon 2007 "Games of Deception" Boxset,
Exclusive Add-ons, and more!

You are bidding on ALL of the Botcon 2007 Exclusive Transformer figures in brand new condition (the same condition as would be handed out at the convention; i.e. new in box, new in sealed bags, etc). With this lot, it will be as if you attended the convention! If you count them all up (including the mini-con) t are 12 Transformers in this lot. The items are...

Games of Deception Boxset (checked to make sure that all items are correct), includes... Bugbite Dreadwind Dirge (complete you classics seeker set) Thrust (complete your classics seeker set) Thundercracker (complete your classics seeker set) Convention Pin Certificate of Authenticity Botcon 2007 Convention Comic Clear Mirage, this was a free figure given out for picking up boxset at convention Alpha Trion (w/ Beta Maxx mini-con) and Weirdwolf, these were exclusive add-ons only available for purchase at the convention Springer and Huffer, these were also exclusive add-ons only available for purchase at the convention Pepsi Optimus Prime - Sold by Hasbro as an exclusive for Botcon 2007 Vector Sigma accessory for use with Alpha Trion figure Other items received at Botcon 2007, including... Bumblebee "Bee-otch" Air Freshener T-shirt Uncut Movie cards Target folder (opened to check for special gift
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