BOULDER DAM Los Angeles Copper Cable Paperweight Hoover

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Souvenir of Boulder Dam
Los Angeles / General Cable
Some information I found on the www :~) Boulder Dam Copper paperweight showing copper segments formed to make a spiral tube that was used for the sheathing of power cables carrying current from the Boulder Dam hydro-electric power station. It was distributed by the Boulder Dam Visitors' Bureau and was manufactured by General Cable Corporation. The copper was originally supplied by Anaconda Copper but this may be made from a leftover section of copper high voltage transmission cable that was used in building the dam.
The city of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power oversaw the operation which was built during the late 1920s depression years and has been officially called the ‘Hoover Dam’ since 1947.
This section measures approx. 1.5" in diameter and stands about 2" tall and weighs about 1/4 pound of the original copper, overhead transmissionline that carried electricity from Hoover Dam (syn. Boulder Dam) to Los Angeles.
The high voltage cable is composed of ten interlocking segments to form a smooth copper tube 1.4 inches in diameter. Note the ingenious "tongue-and-groove" joints between the ten segments. This Type HH Hollow Conductor was made by General Cable during the early 19
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