Bound New York Times Volume, August 16-31, 1933

Offered for sale is a bound volume of THE NEW YORK TIMES NEWSPAPERS published from August 16th through August 31st, 1933. I n this issue, the American Jewish Congress makes an appeal to President Paul von Hindenberg of Germany to save the 800,000 Jews in Germany from "certain extermination" by dismissing Chancellor Adolph Hitler. It is announced that shipping giants Cunard and White Star Line will merge to form a new company. The White Star Line is perhaps most famous for their ship Titanic while Cunard is perhaps best known for their ship Lusitania. Lou Gehrig makes baseball history by breaking the endurance mark by playing 1,308 games in a row, beginning in June, 1925. His record will remain standing until 1996 when the record was surpassed by Cal Ripken. Actress Carole Lombard is divorced from actor William Powell. She will later marry another actor, Clark Gable, and will remain married to him until her death in a plane crash in 1942.

This issue is complete with no writing or articles being removed. There is a tear which effects the Sunday, August 20th issue. On page 3/4 of section 2, there is an approximate 5" cut effecting the outside column which effects the type on both pages. Although these newspapers are printed on newsprint, the pages are only slightly brittle and no other major tears were noticed, especially any
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