Boutique Triangle Big Muff Fuzz/Octave up pedal

Hi this is a triangle style big muff clone with octave up built using quality components by myself. The 3 knobs are Tone, Volume & Sustain as with the original but with the addition of 2 switches. The left one gives you a mid boost which helps get rid of the problem of Big Muff pedals not cutting though in band situations. The switch on the right turns on an octave up effect. The octave up works best around the twelfth fret using the neck pickup and in combination with the muff results in excellent sustain (It does the Hendrix and QOTSA Little Sister sounds really well as well as ring mod sounds when you play chords lower on the neck) Overall this is a really nice creamy sounding fuzz with massive sustain and the extra sounds possible from the Octave up circuit. Please note that because of the extra space taken up by the octave effect inside this pedal does not run on batteries and needs to be used with a power supply (standard centre negative 9volt)
Hi-gain 2N5089 transistors Metallic Blue finish Alpha Pots Metal Film resistors Bright Blue LED Neutrik Jacks Quality True Bypass Switch Postage is free within the UK, any questions please email