Of all the old Bowmanville, Ontario postcards published through the years, this one is one of the rarest because of the street scene it presents.

Captioned 'Main Street, Bowmanville, Ont.', the card was published by Herrington & Son of Trenton, Ontario. It dates from the 1910/11 period: below the publisher's name is the notation "125,000 post cards made in 1910".

This time, the view is of commercial buildings on the south side of King Street, just west of Division Street. The long-established store of provisioner J.B. Martyn is closest to the card's left border. Next to it are storefronts of various businesses - documented in detail, in Bowmanville history publications.

King Street was a quieter dirt road then; horses and wagons were commonplace. Several are seen, parked on both sides of King.

The original owner of this postcard pencilled a message on its reverse side to a gent in Edinburgh, Scotland, and it seems the card was personally delivered. It does not have a postage stamp affixed. Divided areas on the reverse side provide room for correspondence, an address and stamp.

Like other Bowmanville cards offered, this one is attractive and truly historic.

It's very clean on both sides. Minimal wear to corners.

VG++ condition!