BOX 24 packs TRIP 2 CLEAR CELLULOSE 1 1/4 cigarette rolling papers/50 count pack

Trip 2 Transparent Rolling Papers
Wow...very cool totally transparent rolling papers- these papers are completely see-through. What makes Trip clear papers special is they are made of the cellulose of smooth burning Asiatic Cotton Mallow plant. The inherent qualities of this special cellulose means no gum is needed to make it stick. Simply ROLL, LICK and SEAL. Guaranteed to create a stir wherever you light up. Brand New - Full Box - 24 Packs Each Pack contains 50 leaves/sheets/papers 1 1/4 Size (Fits in 79mm Rolling Machines or easily handrolled as well) Clear/Transparent/See Through Cellulose Rolling Papers! FREE SHIPPING! FAST SHIPPING! DISCREET SHIPPING! Tracking Number is included!