Box Lot Plasticville Buildings with Accessories - BUY AN ENTIRE TOWN!

Why buy your Plasticville parts and accessories piecemeal,
when you can basically buy an entire town ALL AT ONCE !!!

This HUGE auction contains over sixty Plasticville buildings. Everything from homes to trailers to commercial buildings, post office, schoolhouse, church, barns... every kind of building you can imagine. There are too many buildings in this set to even list them all individually, but just some highlights:

Four mobile homes/trailers with awnings Two-story colonial house with original box Fire station Two different churches (one church is missing two pieces for the steeple) Several ranch-style single-story houses Post office building Airport terminal (roof piece is missing) Railroad car-style diner Two barns (one appears to be a larger scale than O-scale) Two-story bank building Two train stop depot buildings, with loading ramps

The list goes on and on.

But if you're going to buy an entire town, you aren't buying just the buildings. It's the people who make a town. Well, the people, the telephone poles, the street lamps, the fire hydrants, the railroad crossing gates, the trees, the street signs and billboards, even the cows in the pasture. And this auction contains all of those parts, too.

Bag of more than 20 telephone/power line poles Bag of modern-style street lamps Bag of
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