Box Lot Vintage Political Celluloid Pin Pinback Buttons

Here is a box lot of pinbacks (see box lot info below). Includes a pin that seems to be marked 10 K gold but hard to read for sure. Fun assortment, many political, but also there is a Schultz & Dooley beer stein pin, two little tin litho cars, a button advertising pianos, a baseball player, a horse jockey, just a great lot of items!

FOR BOX LOTS OR LARGE LOTS : We get some great box lots from our consignors. But these lots are not described or inspected item by item and are sold as is as found. We will try to note any problems while handling the items but we will not guarantee we catch everything. Listing box lots instead of item by item in many different auctions means we can list at at a low starting price for the whole lot rather than the same starting price for each piece. And although the shipping for a large lot of items can get expensive because of weight or box size, it certainly is a lot less than the accumulated cost of shipping each item by itself if they were bought one at a time. Listing box lots also allows us to list items that we would not otherwise list, because their individual value would be too low. So although we are limited to the amount of detail we can give about the individual items in a box lot, you get a substantial shipping savings, access to more of a variety of items, and sometimes a treasure
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