Old Box MOTHER'S CRUSHED OATS Semi-Porcelain Tableware

Offering a vintage carton MOTHER'S CRUSHED OATS made by The GREAT WESTERN CEREAL Co. (Mills at Muscatine IA, Joliet IL, Akron OH, Fort Dodge IA, Nebraska City NE)
Guarantee No. 420, Food & Drugs Act, June 30, 1906
Features (in addition to Mother's Oats) "A Piece of Elegantly Decorated Semi-Porcelain Tableware, Sample of which we authorize your grocer to show you." Photo 5, alas, shows stamp NO DISH :-(
Good news, however, is in another of my listings: a pretty porcelain Creamer with provenance to suggest it could have been in a Mother's Oats box just like this one!
Carton is 10" high x 6 1/2" wide x 5" deep; cooking directions on side.
Great color and graphics :-)
Photos show it was opened from the bottom, slight squeezing around the waist,
on the No Dish side, a small scuff on the R in Mother's and a 1/2" tear, lid corner UL. Would look great in a Kitchen collection or Old Grocery Store display!
Needs a new home - yours would be fine :-)