Box of 25 Contemporary Handmade Marbles by Carl Fisher

Carl Fisher will be at the Las Vegas Marble Show on November 11, 2007.
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Handmade Marbles

by Carl Fisher These large 3/4" contemporary marbles were made in 2007 by Marble Artist, Carl Fisher. They are made out of polymer clay and no paint is used in the process. The clay is artistically formed to make the designs of these marbles. Each marble is made one at a time and individually hand-made, so no two are ever alike.

A few of the marbles offered for sale in this custom box set include some of your vintage favorites like five beautiful German marbles including three of Fisher's newest Caged Clambroths; five Peltier mimics including a Blue Galaxy, a Graycoat, a Rebel with aventurine, a Flaming Dragon and a Golden Rebel; five great Christensen placeholders including two striped opaques, a Guinea, a salmon flame, and a swirl; five Marble Kings including a Spiderman, a Bumblebee, and a Watermelon, and finally some fantastic-looking Akro Oxblood mimics.

These vintage replicas would look great in your collection and would serve as fine placeholders until real ones come along. They are lighter in weight and warmer to the touch when compared to real marbles, however, they look just like glass. The

This boxed set comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the artist, Carl Fisher. These marbles are the finest examples of the wide variety of Carl Fisher's marble making art to date. If listed individually, each marble usually sells for $25 to $50. See photos below, check our feedback from happy customers, and bid with confidence! We offer a complete money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

Artist Bio : Carl Fisher is an engineer by trade with a strong background in sculpture and art. His marbles are collected by both vintage and contemporary marble collectors worldwide. Fisher has pioneered a new process of making marbles from glass and polymer clay. His marbles were mentioned in the January 8 issue of Antique Week, and were shown on the front page cover of the January 31 issue of the Aurora Advocate. Fishers' marbles were also featured in the February 2007 issue of Northern Ohio Live magazine -- Cleveland, Ohio's most prominent monthly publication. A full page article highlighted Fisher's talents in the March, 2007 issue of Inside Business . Fisher was invited to compete in the 2007 Alphabet Marble Contest and tied for 13th Place. He also tied for Best Use of Color . He was featured in the June 21st issue of Farm and Dairy. Carl Fisher's Christensen(tm) marbles will be featured in the new Contemporary Marble Book that is due out this Fall. Carl Fisher's marble story was in the July 12th issue of the Arts and Living section of the Akron Beacon Journal, Akron's largest newspaper. Fisher marbles are currently sold at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada at Art in Crystal .

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Condition : These marbles are brand new and in excellent condition. Please view the photos below of the exact marbles you will be receiving. This set includes a 2007 Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the artist, Carl Fisher.

Shipping and Payment Terms : High bidder to include $7.00 for shipping and handling, and insurance is included. Ohio buyers must include sales tax based on the county you reside. Payment may be made by personal check, money order or paypal and is due within 7 days after the eBay invoice is sent.

We ship worldwide and all international bids are accepted. We accept paypal or a U.S. postal money order. Shipping is $18.00 to any country.

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