Boxed canteen of cutlery - set of knives and forks with silver collars c.1894

You are looking at a set of knives made by William Hutton and Sons, Birmingham between 1869 and 1928.

They have silver collars around the forks and the marks I believe date them to 1894.

The box is lined in red felt and is in two layers.

The set is (unfortunately) 12 knives and 11 forks.

The cutler is quite small and dainty, the forks have four prongs and the knives have engraving along the front.

Forks 18cm, knives 20cm in length.

The handles are cream - I don't know the material.

These do show some signs of being used, with a few marks on the cream handles, they would also benefit from a professional polish.

The wooden box (canteen) used to have a shield in the top - this is now missing and the box has one side missing and the back needs a bit of repair.

I have listed this to the best of my ability, it is a really lovely old set of knives and forks and the collars of the forks are definitely silver - other than that I am pleased to answer any questions.

As you can imagine the box is heavy, hence the postage charges, but I would be happy to have this collected personally (CH7).

Thanks for looking.

I have inadvertently only listed the forks with having silver collars, the knives also have silver collars. Apologies.