Brace yourselves, Furby is back and ready to amaze and entertain with a mind of its own!

The more you play with Furby, the more its personality will be shaped by these experiences!

If you play nice with Furby, it may develop a sweet personality

If you pull, shake or turn Furby upside down - it could become a more mischievous companion!

You'll know exactly how your adorable Furby feels through a series of animations displayed in its expressive LED eyes - it will certainly wear its heart on its sleeve!

If you tickle Furby, hearts may appear in its eyes. But feed it a hot pepper - and you may see fire in Furby's eyes!

From hip hop to pop, pizza to sushi - your Furby will have a reaction to anything dependent on its personality - even if it is a satisfied burp after a big tasty meal! You can enjoy maximum interaction as it responds to your touch, your music, and even to other Furbys! Simply place two together and they will interact, dance to the same songs and even have a conversation!

Your furry little cutie speaks Furbish and the more you interact with Furby, the more English it will pick up and begin to speak

You can also download a free app to help you translate Furbish, as well as virtually feed your Furby and other interactive features
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