BOXER JIM JEFFRIES VISITS RENO 1918 - 2 each 5x7 Glass Negatives

Two Original Glass Plate Negatives
Boxer James J. Jeffries (1875-1953)
Reno, Nevada
Photographer: not identified
Vintage dry glass plate negatives 394, 394A, 1918; marginal condition - detailed as shown; both show significant degradation and fading, flaking around the edges; both have added writing on the emulsion ("394 JEFFRIES ON RIGHT") ('JIM JEFFRIES JEFFRIES 394"); neither glass has chips or cracks; a bout 5" x 7". The overall positive and negative scans in this listing are at a low resolution; the details are shown from a higher resolution look at the images. There are no prints with these negative.
These come with a vintage manila envelope marked "No 394 Fighter Jeffries Reno 1918" - returning 8 years later to the scene of "The Fight of the Century."
Source: In the 1950's, a northern California collector purchased several large glass plate and film negative libraries of professional photographers' work, in search of negatives containing his limited subjects of interest. The remainder of these c.1900-1925 acquisitions were boxed and set aside. After 40+ years in storage, the late collector's family has decided to part with some of the archive.
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