Boxing,Punching bag "L" W/Chain & Punching gloves XL

This auction for the punching bag (size L and punching gloves XL.)This Large Black Punching bag is excellent
for working out,kicking,boxing and etc.
The punching bag is made of Sturdy synthetic
fabric and synthetic leather with 12 lace holes on
top for tightly tying up the
bag once it is stuffed.
A red patch with the word "Action" appears on the
front side of the punching bag.
The punching bag is 60 inches in lenght(with the
included chain) and is capable of holding
approximately 80 pounds of filler inside.
The filler is typically used by athlets is sand,
canvas,old rags or any other material.The bag comes with a chain for securing the punching bag so that it may be hung in any
suitable place. The revolving feature
of the chain allows the bag to
swerve or circulate 360 degrees with each hit.
The punching bag is intentionally not filled in
order to save customers money on shipping.
A great product for any athlete! I am verifyed buy PAY PAL.,California residents please add 8.25% State Tax
Punching gloves Size( XL) Black color or red color (M,L,) also available