Boy Scout Excelsior Shoe GOOD LUCK SWASTIKA COIN 1910

This is an early medallion coin circa 1910 ....made of what I would believe is brass or copper with lots of old patina...on one side is a boy scout on a horse with "BOY SCOUTS" AND "Manufactured by the Excelsior Shoe Co Portsmouth O" and on the reverse side is "MEMBERSHIP EMBLEM OF THE BOY SCOUTS CLUB" AND "GOOD LUCK" and in the center is the universally known at the time peace symbol...later used and desecrated by the Hitler regime as a was also known in its true sense for good luck and this was what this coin was for. In around this now notorious symbol t is a wishbone, four leaf clover, horseshoe, and another symbol which I'm not familiar with but also stands for good luck. This was a sales gimmick giveaway by the Excelsior Shoe Company of Portsmouth, Ohio...they gave one out to each customer who bought a pair of the Official Boy Scout Shoe. T were three different versions of the coin and this one is the one with the "swastika" good luck symbol and no date....but it was in 1910...the same year the Boy Scouts was founded. This coin has all its patina and grime it has collected over the years and it has a very slight cup to it...I don't know if this was normal for one of these but probably not unusual having been who knows w for the last one hundred almost years. It is 1 ¼" across...a really great collectible! (Make ... read more