Boyd Glass OLD Owl Bird SLAG Blue Yellow Pocono FUND

What is being offered now is the Boyd Glass Owl in the color Pocono. This color was number 56 in the series of colors run in this mould and was made on 11/8/1983. We are listing quite a bit of Boyd Glass this week and do combine shipments to save you shipping money so make sure to see it all! And Boyds will not repeat a color in any mould so that makes Boyd Glass highly collectible. This piece measures about 3 1/2 inches tall and is marked with the Diamond B of Boyd Glass with no line under the Diamond B which shows it was made in the 1st five years of the Boyd operation. This beautiful piece of glass has no cracks or chips, the shiny places are reflected lighting.

I worked at Boyd Crystal Art Glass in Cambridge for a number of years. I was employed there from about 1979 to 1987. For those of you that came to the Boyd Glass factory in that time period, I was the tall, thin, moustache faced, 20-something year old that worked in the factory. If you took the "tour", I was probably the employee that explained the glass process to you while you watched us work. I truly enjoyed my time with the Boyd's. The time I spent at Boyd Glass is a memorable time in my life that I will not forget. I still count the Boyd family among my friends. I told my wife that the glass I purchased while employed at Boyd's and since then would be sold to
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