Boyds Bears lot of 14 resin figures w boxes

Lot of 14 resin figures from the Boyds Bears collection, all with boxes. Includes the following:

Daphne and Eloise...Women's Work

Grenville & Beatrice

Kenny B. Plower (red dot)

Katherine...Kind Heart

Edmunds Hideaway character figurines for village

The Public Libreary character figurines for village

Bunnyluv Lil' Wings (red dot)

2) Charity Angelhug & Everychild...Cherish the Children

Jingles...Rin the Cheer (blue dot)

Alouysius Quackenwaddle and Lil' Crackles

Mysteri Bearlove...Special Wishes

Bailey Bear with Suitcase

Momma Rushalot and Crew...Taxi Service

All are in good new or displayed condition.