Boyds Bears Plush Marisol Flutterlee Spring 2009 New*

Marisol Flutterlee

From The Fashion Family Collection

From Boyds Bears

Just Released Spring 2009

You are looking at a brand new Spring 2009 edition from The Boyds Collection. It is an adorable bear named Marisol Flutterlee. She is a fully jointed and poseable light tan bear. Marisol stands ten inches high. Marisol has light tan felt paw pads. Her paw pads are flat and reinforced to allow her to stand more easily by herself. She is from a new collection of Boyds Bears, The Fashion Family Collection. This series is a wonderful collection of bears dressed in the latest styles! They are just great!

Marisol Flutterlee is an adorable tan bear with soft fur. She is a cross between a tiny fairy and a butterfly. She is wearing a pink outfit with a pink tulle skirt. The top of her dress is pink, green and white plaid. It is sleeveless and has a V neck. The top is attached to pink cotton panties. The pink tulle skirt is attached to the waist. There are bright pink satin ribbon streamers going from the waist to the bottom of the skirt.

Our bear is wearing two shades of pink felt double sided butterfly wings. The smaller set of wings is light pink and the larger ones are bright pink. Looking from the front the light pink wings are stitched in green to a larger set of bright pink felt wings.
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