Boyds Bears Wee Folkstone Estudious Cram Faeriebaum & Ms Lilypond LESSON #1 Lot

Boyds Bears 2 Figurines from Boyds Wee Folkstone Faerie Collection: Ribbit Collection: Estudious Cram Faeriebaum Mrs Lilypond Lesson #1 Estudious Cram Faeriebaum - Boyds Wee Folkstone Faerie Collection Style #30361

This Boyds Wee Folkstone was Issued in 1997 and Retired in 1999

a studious fairy but she leaves studying to the very last minute her SPS - Special Faerie Stuff - black coffee and cocoa oh, yeah, and some books! she aways aces her tests!

Boyd's Bears and Friends.... Wee Folkstone Collection:

Quote on bottom ~ " Always behave like a duck, keep calm unruffled on the surface paddled like the devil underneath" - Jacob Bravde

This is Style #36301 numbered 1E/8328

Ms. Lilypond LESSON #1 - Boyds Wee Folkstone RIBBIT Collection Style #36705

This Boyds Wee Folkstone was Issued in 1999 and Retired in 2000 Boyds Wee Folkstone MS. LILYPOND. . . LESSON NUMBER ONE

Ms Lilypond is teaching her young students Lesson One - “Look Before You Leap”.

When you're tempted to Act Now and Ask questions later... Remember Ms. Lilypond's Words of Wisdom! Caution might not be our Instintic choice, but sometimes it's the Wisest One. So before you get into Water over your head...( Hot or otherwise!) Take a Lesson from Ms. lilypond... Look Before You Leap!

Boyd's Bears and Friends.... Wee

Quote on bottom ~ "We must not stay as we are, doing always what was done last time, or we shall stick in the mud." - George Bernard Shaw

This is Style #36705 numbered 2E/2962

Includes EVERYTHING as shown in Photo. Photo is of the actual items included in auction, NOT a STOCK Photo! Please

Cold Cast Resin Figurines Only available on the Secondary Market ** Perfect gift for a Teacher or the Boyds Collector **


Shipping is Included

Shipping Weight: 1 lbs

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