Boyds Candle Toppers LOT 5 Large Rare Retired + Stands

Five wooden display holders are included with these candle toppers. They are all new, and all but 3 holders have their original boxes. A ll the items are from Boyds, with tags and other approriate identifiction devices. They fit the large, 14 or 22 oz., jar candles. Details as follows:

1) Arbor...Grape Harvest

2) Penney...part of an autumn pear Yankee candle and bear set.

3) Muffin B. Blueberry...also part of a set.

4) Jack McVine...Teddy with pumkins in the patch

5) Nellie...Homemade Goodies

Lastly, the five round wooden display stands so that you can put them out without a candle if you want to just admire them!