Boys of Liberty Library-15 Volume Set-1904-First Ed.

Here for sale are 15 books from the Boys of Liberty Library Series published by David mcKay in 1904.

The books are as follows: 1. Fighting for Freedom or the Birth of the Stars and Stripes aby Lieut. Lionel Lounsberry-1904; 2. Dashing Paul Jones The hero of the Colonial Navy by Frank Sheridan-1895;

3. "Old Put" The Patriot by Frederick A. Ober-1904; 4. The King's Messenger or The Fall of Ticonderoga by Capt. Frank Ralph-1904;

The following Books all by John De Morgan: 5. The Young Ambassador or Washington's First Triumph-1904. 6. The Hero of Ticonderoga or Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys-1896; 7. Marion and His Men or The Swamp Fox of Carolina-1892; 8. Fooling the Enemy or A story of the Siege of Boston-1904; 9. On to Quebec or With Montgomery in Canada-1904; 10. The Young Guardsman or With Washington in the Ohio Valley-1904; 11. The First Shot of Liberty or The Minute Men of Massachusetts-1892; 12. Paul Revere and the Boys of Liberty-1904.

The following books all by T. C. Harbaugh: 13. Under Greene's Banner or The Boy Heroes of 1781. 14. The Young Captains or Prisoners of the King; and 15. The Tory Plot or Saving Washington's Life.

The books are in reading condition, with staining and wear to the covers and spines depending on the book. Most of the books have the previous owner'
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