Boys' Life Reprints, photocopies in 3 ring binders

photocopies of 28 Boys' Life reprint booklets in three ring binder, very good condition, 1970s, includes stamp collecting, model railroading, Be Second Class, Be First Class, Bike Fun, Swimming and Watefront, Boats and Canoes, Cooking Skills and Menus, Hiking and Camping Equipment, Handicraft, Pioneering, Fishing, Toughen Up Sports Tips, Patrol Activities, Scoutcraft Skills, Scoutcraft Skills March 1, 1911 edition, Litepac Camping Equipment, Camping Skills, Slides of the Month, Indian Lore, Short Wave Listening, Winter Activities, Nature Hobbies and Activities, Bill of Rights, Our Heritage of Freedom, and Law and Justice. Also in the binder is copies of First Aid Contests, Teaching First Aid and Aids for the Handicapped.