Boy's Magazine comic Ju-Jitsu Boxing Gift Booklet 1932

Boy’s Magazine Wonder Books – New Series No.9, Ju-Jitsu & Boxing, presented with Boy’s Magazine, 1932. This is an interesting 6” x 4” 28-page booklet titled Ju-Jitsu & Boxing that was given with an issue of Boy’s Magazine some time in1932. (No specific date is stated but clues in the text indicate that it is from that year). It contains instructions + diagrams + photographs of Ju-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Boxing and includes photographs of various champions of the sports. There is a small graze / slight hole (which is not serious or particularly obvious) on the cove and as it is printed on cheap / poor quality paper it is browning with age, but nothing worse. There are no other rips, scribbles, or stains etc.

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CONDITION. The majority
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