Bradford Lena Liu "Basket Bouquets" 6 (of 8) Plate Set

A bidder wrote to ask me if I would accept payment of an âeoeE-cheque via PayPalâe. (Hey, sheâe(tm)s Canadian! They spell funny up t (I should talkâe¦Iâe(tm)m originally from VERY northern Minnesota & we TALK funny!))

Iâe(tm)m not very good at this EBay thing (see photos!) and I was burned once accepting a personal check and shipping his winnings offâe¦never to be seen or heard from againâe¦plus another $25 I was out for the bad check he wrote to me. This is not a business for me. We really are just trying to eliminate some of our treasures as we just donâe(tm)t have room Also, I had the misfortune to have an uninsured heart attack last May; it was mild, but still expensive, so any funds are really going to my cardiologist.

Also, âe(tm)s a link to a similar warning:


Anyhow, yes, I will accept e-cheques, e-checks, and personal checks but until the funds are absolutely verified that they are irrevocably deposited into my meager account, I will have to retain possession. So donâe(tm)t badmouth me for delayed shipping. You pay, I ship.

I want ME to be as satisfied with every aspect of my transactions as 100% of my winners have been. Thanks for understanding, KRK.

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