Beautiful heirloom type bowie that will increase in price steadily as the years go by. This fighter style knife is 12 15/16" overall, gorgeous Alabama Steel Redneck Skin pattern damascus, 416 layers from 5160, 1095, 203E, 15N20 blend is 8" by 1 1/4" wide, ground from a .160" billet. Exceptional hidden tang handle is built using a great piece of A Grade Desert Ironwood burl, my favorite wood to use, triple accent/contrast inserts of Black/Grey recon. granite stone flanked by 2 pieces of White Pearl acrylester from France, all polished copper fittings make this one reach out & grab your attention from across the room. "Gunslinger" type sheath included, made from 9-10 oz. veg. tanned tooling leather, , wet molded to each knife to ensure a correct fit, antler concho holding the lacing to dress it up.

Knife is brand new, just built, never used or carried. Beautiful addition to your collection, ready for display or put it to work on your next outing. A knife to be handed down through family generations & displayed prominently in your home for all to see. What a fine Christmas present for a special someone in your life. Please email any questions, check my feedbacks to see what previous owners have to say about the knives.

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