Bradley The Christmas Bubble Bear action ornament Adler

Santa's Action World

Available for purchase is one Unique tree or mantle action ornament from Santa's Action World.

Bradley The Christmas Bubble Bear Ornament!!

Get into the Christmas spirit and entertain your friends with this cute little Action Ornament
~ Hideaway Hanger
~ Continuous or delay functions.
~ Removable bubble tub and wand for easy clean up.
~ Delivers a Christmas message filled with miniature bubbles
~ UL approved power pack

For more than forty years, Kurt S. Adler, Inc. has sent its designers around the globe to seek out and create novel and beautiful Christmas ornaments and collectibles to enhance any festive season.

Using the latest technology, Kurt S. Adler, Inc. has created Santa's Action World, featuring "Bradley the Christmas Bubble Bear", "Bubble Santa", Edgar the Bubble Blowing Elephant", the "Coca Cola Bubble Polar Bear" and Halloween items like Bubblin' Bones. These and new items on the drawing board will bring new 'Life' to Christmas in your home, to wish you a Merry, Action-Filled Christmas; they will add fun and magic to your festive occasion!

Look for them and other innovative action presentations from Santa's Action World.

Contents: Bradley The Christmas Bubble Bear, Removable bubble rub and wand for easy clean up,
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