Brand NEW KURETAKE Starry Night Mode Sterning Brush Pen

Brand NEW KURETAKE Starry Night Model

Sterning design

Weasel Hair Tip Brush Pen, Japan

100% authentic, Comes with paper, Box, Converter and extra 3 ink cartridges

Now lets know about the inside latent characteristics of this KURUTAKE Brush pen:

I am introducing the luxurious Classic Claret Model natural animal weasel hair tip Brush pen by KUROTAKE Japan. As same as Conway Stewart , Kuretake has glorious hundred year’s history of making brush pen. To be honest, it has glamour in size, shape and her writing feel with natural tip is outstanding and 100% worthy of your desire. It almost looks like The Hundred year of Conway Stewart series of fountain pen.

Let me explain more about the natural brush tip? Actually compare to nylon tip, the natural (animal hair) tip is much more sable and provide you good snap that most pens are missing and holds a point perfectly. It makes a great range of marks from very fine to thick. It also has a fantastic weight and shape.

Especially the Weasel Hair has unique characteristics which provide you to draw smoothly and consistently. Nylon has become harder quickly and instable type.

Japanese calligrapher recommends as well as prefers the Animal hair tip because there is no doubt about best feeling of using it. Moreover its Classic
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