Brand New Mackie Hard Drive Tray w/30Gb HDR/MDR/SDR Recorders FreeShipUS&Canada!

Mackie Media Drive Tray w/ 30Gb Drive!
This Brand New Tray is compatible with your
Mackie HDR/MDR/SDR Hard Disk Recorder!
The Drive is Formatted and All Ready to Plug In and Go To Work!
The 30 Gb Hard Drive is used, but has been checked and passed Mackie Specs.
I will upgrade it to an 80Gb or 120Gb Drive for an extra $18.
One Key for the Drive Bay is included!
As you can see in the pictures, this tray is Almond Color.


Please Note: To use drives larger than 30Gb requires the newer BIOS.
I have those chips available if you need one!
We also do MDR to HDR Upgrades - From the Mackie Website:
You can use the HDR 24/96 as a non-linear, non-destructive editor without the assistance of any external computer or software. Simply plug in an SVGA monitor and PS/2 compatible mouse & keyboard and you're ready to edit. Features of the editor include fade-in, fade-out, looping, auto-crossfade, multiple-layer undo, scrub/shuttle functions, cue list, level automation and many more!
Each of the HDR24/96's 24 tracks has eight virtual tracks, one of which can be activated for playback or recording. Audio regions on the virtual tracks can be edited and dragged/dropped in the same fashion as all other tracks.
We also have all the parts, including the specific video card you will need
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