BRAND NEW Make: It Component Kit 1 (2760349) Radioshack -Electronics Experiments

You are buying a "Make: It Component Kit 1 organized in a rugged tackle-style box". This is BRAND NEW and never been open. Have fun building these electronics experiments! It's also a good way to teach your kids with a "hands-on" method about electronics. The Make: Electronics book by Charles Platt is sold separately and is NOT included with this kit. If you have the book already. This is the kit you need to jump into the first 11 experiments. A free PDF of a sample chapter is available on-line.
Over 250 essential pieces.
Part List:
170 Resistors 10 each of the following resistors:
2 electro capacitors (1000uF-25V)
2 electro capacitors (22uF-50V)
2 electro capacitors (2.2uF-50V)
4 ceramic capacitors (47nF)
4 ceramic capacitors (4.7nF)
4 bipolar NPN transistors (PN2222A)
4 programmable unijunction transistors (2N6027)
5 green LEDs (2.54-5mm)
5 green LEDs (2.54-3mm)
5 red LEDs (2.54-5mm)
5 red LEDs (2.54-3mm)
1 speaker (8R - 0.5W)
1 SPST OFF/ON pushbutton
3 fuses (3A)
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