Brand New Merit Megatouch Force EVO Replacement Power Supply - PSU Elite Edge

New Megatouch Force EVO Replacement Power Supply


For Megatouch FORCE EVO Games Brand New

If you have a Megatouch Force EVO with a bad power supply, this is just what you need! This power supply is not the same as the original. It is BETTER! Here's why...

First, this PSU is a higher wattage. Merit has recently come out and said that part of the problem with their machines is that the original PSUs used in the EVOs weren't rated at a high enough wattage to provide adequate power. While I believe this to be a bunch of melarky (really just another way for Merit to push the blame for their piss poor designs onto someone else), the additional watts certainly won't hurt.

Next, this power supply requires absolutely NO WIRE SPLICING. If you look around eBay, there are some unscroupulous sellers advertising bulk, junky, off the shelf power supplies as Merit power supplies. They further go on to mention that you'll have to splice a few connections in order for it to work. Have you ever looked inside an EVO? Much less opened or closed a lid? How long do you think that spliced connection wrapped in electrical tape is going to hold? Come on. This power supply has all the connections that you need.

And last, but certainly not least, is the best feature of
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