Brand New Humminbird Smartcast RF15 Fishfinder RF 15

Commercial Fun Fishing Gears invented by Jack Shen

U.S. Patent 7055280 "Precision Caster SR-1 " - The only rod that controls precisely w your lure goes! MSRP $350 Limited quantity for low price big saving!

Don't Let the big ones get away! The bottom line is to cast the bait close enough for fish to bite! The SR-1 did just that! Precision Caster SR-1 is your secret weapon 100% guarantee to catch more fish, or something is wrong with that fish.

High Tech Fishing Tips: Scan for fish and bring the lures to location, reel back the catch. No more bad casts that fly off track!

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Video ///SR1Video.wmv

A wonderful gift idea for shoreline fishing lady & gentleman age from 8 through 88 years old!

First Mobile Fishfinder Unit SR-1 eliminate repetitive manual casting while extending fishfinder's coverage from one point at a time to whole area. SR-1 is a must have for your fishfinder.

Enjoy an unfair advantage over fish and other fishermen

Deliver your bait up to 500 feet from casting position even under windy condition Fish the entire lake, not just the shoreline, improve handicap casting limitations and yet powerful enough to drag a life-vest for a rescue mission Patented lure release system that anyone can handle with ease.
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