Brand New! White "Obi-Jime", "Obi-Age" & "Sensu" Q503

Detail Brand New! White "Obi-Jime", "Obi-Age" & "Sensu"
1) "Obi-Jime" with Hand-Braided
2) "Obi-Age" with Variant Swastika Patterns & "Shibori (Tie-dyed)"
3) "Sensu (Folding Fan)" Item KIMONO ARTICLE Item No Q503 Material Silk Weight 180 g Condition Excellent Condition! Comment These items are brand new with a carbon box, however we will ship them without the box due to save the shipping fee.
" Obi-jime " is an ornamental string to fix " Obi " through " Taiko " (Drum-Shaped Knot)".
" Obi-Age " is a cloth to cover " Makura " which is a bustle pad to fix " Taiko " (Drum-shaped Knot)". Pictures
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