Brand New Volkl Mantra 170cm

If you're reading this ad, then you know what this ski is all about. Just in case you were born on Mars and don't know about the ski, here is the description from :
Once you strap the Volkl Mantra Alpine Ski to your foot, you determine when, where, and how you turn whether you're on waist-deep fluff, refrozen crud, or anything else that resembles snow. This top-shelf, all-mountain plank carves long, graceful arcs to the trees and then delivers snappy performance in your secret stash thanks to a more traditional profile and sidecut. Sure, its ability to hold an edge on ice is great and all, but you'll be gushing like a school girl once you feel this bad boy float through pow like a buoy in a bay. Once the storm comes, its rockered tip and overall girth provide great flotation, while the traditional camber provides a solid grip on groomed and icy cat tracksThe Power Construction (Volkl's torsion box construction) uses vertical sidewalls and laminates over the core to achieve powerful stability A Sensorwood core made with vertically laminated poplar and beech wood provides a stable but forgiving and responsive flex for the whole gamut of snow conditions Titanium-enhanced core doesn't buck you around if you get into the bumps or stuck in a drainage of death cookies Please note that this is the '09-'10 model. They are brand new and
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