This evening's auction delight is a medal Authorized Into Law by the United States Congress which directed the United States Mint at Philadelphia to create and strike a medal to commemorate the 1956 Centennial of the Birth of the famous Jurisprudist Louis Brandeis. The medal was sponsored through Congress by his namesake University.
This kind of medal is known as a National Commemorative Medal and it is listed in the two current books about such medals, one by Swoger and the other by Dean, as well as being identified by the landmark articles addressing these medals by Turner which "The Numismatist" published beginning in the 1960's.
This medal comes in a handsome black velvet-lined, jewelry box and appears to be in its original condition. You will note that there is some discoloration on the cheek and hair of the bust of Justice Brandeis which is either truly what is known as "cabinet wear" or, as appears to this eye, was caused in the process of patinating the medal. In other words, I believe that this occurred in the process of applying patina to the underlying bronze medal. I say this because the medal doesn't appear to have otherwise been mishandled or cleaned. It is a mystery.
Nonetheless. These medals aren't readily available, and I haven't encountered another in its original presentation case.
I know that if
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