Brandt Automatic Cashier

Beautiful Brandt Automatic Cashier, with lovely Phoenix design on the sides. From the estate of a family member. Would have been used to give change after the shopkeeper determined how much was owed- to decrease the chances that the change would be incorrectly counted.

To fill the machine with coins, you face the slots and fill them from left to right:

Half dollars-Quarters-Dimes-Dimes-Nickels-Pennies-Pennies-Silver dollars.

Such a smart piece of engineering and workmanship!

The missing feet are easily replaceable from other ebay sellers for around $10 for a set of four. Also, the #99 key gives correct change, but sticks. Also, please note all photos to see the scratches (photo 11) and dust. I have given it a light dusting, but I have not removed all the keys to properly detail the machine. Also, there is a piece broken off the spacer wall between the half dollar and quarter slot.

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