Brandy Decanter - Bart Starr

Brandy Decanter 14 1/2" tall. Mint condition, no cracks/chips. Corked bottle top in perfect condition (no brandy in decanter/empty). Bottom of decanter embosed: O.M.B. no. 14 - 1971 Royal Halburton China. I understand this decanter depicts retired Green Bay Pakcer Quarterback #15 Bart Starr. Silver label on front with black letters: Sports Decanter, Fine Brandy 80 proof 4/5 quart, Blended andBottled by Mr. Boston Distller, Boston Mass, Albany, GA, Owensbord, KY. Wisconsin Liquar Seal: State of Wisconsin, 73307830 1/5 gallon. Wording acroos front bottom: Sports Capital Wisconsin of the World.