Braniff Inc (2nd Braniff) 747-200 RARE FIND 1/200 scale

Braniff Inc. 747-200 in 1/200 scale from Hasagawa plastic kit

Ever wonder what it would have looked like if Braniff Inc. (the second Braniff that started operations in 1984) had a 747? I was told by a freind that went back to work for Braniff Inc. that they were indeed planning on expanding their routes to Hawaii and with that would come a 747 to fly the route. After that conversation I built this model from a 1/200 scale Hasagawa kit and used decals that were ment for a larger scale 727. The result you see and it is up for bid. It is the vision of what could have been, but never was. This even bears the registration number of N601BN.

This is a model that was hand built, painted and declaled. It is a great looking model and a nice additon to any 1/200 scale collection. The weight used in the nose compartment to keep the plane setting on its gear rattels a little as it has come loose over the years. I do not know how many people had the same idea to build a model of this subject, however I can say that I have only seen one other, and it was built by a friend who was inspired after seeing mine. Now I find it time to reorganize my collection as I have never had as much space as I need to be able to display it all. So is your chance to have a unique vision of what could have been.

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