Description: This is a beautiful set of brass altar bells. The altar

bells are 4 1/2" high and 8" long. Each bell has 3

clappers inside of it, for a total of 12 clappers. W hen

these bells are rung, the beautiful sound is downright

"heavenly." The handle can be easily grasped, and has

plenty of room for your fingers and your knuckles. It is

a nice quality set that is sturdy and well made.

Important Warning:

Some Ebay sellers have begun selling items that they actually don’t have.

They list many items on Ebay, and include a purposely vague note saying

something like “Some items are shipped directly from my supplier.” That’s

great for those Ebay sellers, since they have no money tied up in the actual

item, use your money to pay for the item, and then have their supplier ship

the item directly to you.

Unfortunately for the unsuspecting Ebay buyer, the item they are buying is

never inspected for flaws and/or defects, since it is not financially feasible for

the supplier to inspect thousands of items, and since these Ebay sellers never

even have the item, let alone inspect it. All products, including cars, televisions,

computers, and yes even Altar Bells, sometimes have a flawed
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