Brass and Copper Antique Fire Extinguisher, Bader

Antique Badger Copper and Brass Fire Extinguisher.

This is a very old antique Fire Extinguisher made out of Copper on the bottom and Brass on the lid and label. If you know anything about Fire Extinguishers you know that the really old extinguishers have rivets to connect the Copper base. It is in excellent shape and only needs some "elbow" grease to shine it up to the original shape.

The top is made of Brass and the inside has the original contents and is only missing the plastic container inside. The hose is made of rubber and has an lead tip which means it is really old.

The label on the front says Badger Fire Extinguisher, To Play, Turn Bottle up, t is also alot of other writing on the label. If you want more detail on the writing on the label, please e-mail me and I will send you all of the details.

The extingisher is 24 inches tall, the bottom is 7-1/4 inches round in diameter.

This is a rare extingisher and would make a super addition to your collection. I have "shined" several of these in the past and have 2 of them sitting next to my fireplace, which is a great addition to my decor.

I live near Jacksonville and work in Jacksonville, Florida. If you want to save on shipping, please e-mail me and I can arrange for pick up or delivery.

The extinguisher is completely
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