Brass Chamberstick Candle Holder lot of 8 w Thumb Finger Loop Haunted House Look

This is a lot for 8 brass candle holders. The smallest 2 are the only ones that match and the trays on them are 2.75” wide, made in India. The petal shaped one is also from India and is 3&3/8” wide. The party lite one is weighted and tray is just over 4” wide. The one with fancy trimmed edges is 4.75” wide and made in India. The tallest one is 4.5” tall with a 3.75” wide base. The widest one is 6&1/8” wide. They can use cleaning and polishing if you don’t want the patina. These would be great for a wedding or for that Haunted mansion look. At this time I do not ship outside of the United States.