Brass Fireplace Club Fender, Green Silky Material

Modern brass fireplace club fender, 28 (outside; seat is 20 wide) x80 long x20 (height) inches. Interior length is 69.25 inches (this goes around the hearth-stone). Covered in green silky material, tufted over foam cushioning with fabric-covered buttons and 'tacked' on the sides. Seats 4+ adults, seating is about 7 in. wide. Has a 22 inch wide 'opening' near the hearth. Weighted below - it's heavy - and supported by 9 vertical struts in front. I am its first and only owner and had it commissioned for a home I no longer have; it's 20+ yrs old and 'wasted' (only occasionally used) in front of the shown "Amish" heater. Foam padding is a little less resilient than when new, brass has a little tarnish, and there are two tiny barely noticeable spots on the cushioning that I was reluctant to wash. Buyer must arrange pickup and/or pay transport.